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Mask Production
Customized Foundry
Automatic and efficient production of masks,
make us guard

nonwoven fabric、Filter Material Roll 、Material,three clothes in to the machine

Folding and welding
Molding and sizing

Double stamping, domestic real-name
system certification,made in Taiwan

Produce tens of thousands of masks every day,
just to give everyone the best quality protection


And then, face mask will shipping to the Headphone Maker,
Weld the earwear to both sides of the mask.

TCG's face mask is simple multicolor,
you must have one
3-Ply masks, made in Taiwan
  • Front side face out, position the ear-loops around your ears.
  • Position the nose clip at the top, Form the nose clip over the bridge of your nose to make it fit snugly
  • Place the mask over your nose and mouth, Pull the mask form the top and bottom to unfold the pleats of the mask
  1. Replace new one if it smells bad when you breathe.
  2. Folded inide out and warpped with earloop, throw it into trash can.
  3. Not suitable for medical isolation or operatin rooms.
  4. This product is disposable and should not be reused.
  5. Stored in dry enviornment.
Adult/ Kid size available
Multi-color optional,Suitable for men and women
Certification and license, safe to wear

Medical device license

Pharmacist selling license

Pharmacist manufacturing license