Extraordinary quality, continuous improvement

From rolls of fabric to one piece of face mask,
TCG builds up the high quality of protection to customers.

Every machinery carries the strong determination that
we would like to protect you with.

Every screw revolves with our diligent effort.

Every face mask comes with one hundred percrnts support that
you can rest assured of our works.

TCG International Co., Ltd provides you the first-rate, professional surgical masks.


Extraordinary quality, continuous improvement

The founder of TCG has a great deal of experiences in clothing industry for many years. In 2020, he devoted himself to developing the face mask business in Taiwan.

「 The MIT surgical masks」 that TCG manufactured insist in 「 Remarkable Quality and Continuous Improvement」 . TCG values every link in production line and represents the best grade of MIT mask. For the purpose of 5S (Safe, Stable,Special, Stylish, Satisfaction), TCG is dedicated to safe and stable production, and fashionable style face masks with customer satisfaction.

TCG considers customers will wear mask at least 8 hours, as far as the details of comfort are concerned, we make all-out effort to ensure comfortability when wearing mask for a long time. Designing and implementing soft elastic band mask, adopting shaping nose bridge strips which can adjust with facial contour, selecting skin-friendly fabric which will not feel stifling when wearing for long hours. We pull out all the stops to create the coziest surgical mask with protection and attractive appearance.

TCG innovates different novel masks design; masks are not only for protection, but it’s also an accessory for the daily look. The gradient color masks TCG rolled out accentuate the personal characteristics. At this intense moment, customers can also dress up to make themselves feel special when they go out.

In terms of accreditation and specification, customers could have one hundred percent relief, the masks TCG produced are complied with CNS14774 and CNS 14775 National Standards of the Republic of China and qualified with GMP manufacturing. It does not only meets the Europe EN 14683 standards, but it also passes SGS hazardous substances and heavy metals testing. Regarding the mask that will be worn on face for long hours, TCG emphasizes the absolute safety particularly.

TCG International Co., Ltd takes Taiwanese inspiration of making the best better as commitment. Building up MIT face mask production and expecting MIT face mask to shine on all four corners of the earth. TCG masks not only take care of Taiwanese people but also light up everyone in the world.




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